Zeewolde, Netherlands. Thanks to Bert Flier and Mathijm Wassink from and – it was finally time to race this year. Bert and Mathijm and their training groups set out a course in the Flevopolder close to Zeewolde offering distances from the full, 2/3 and some sort of 1/4 triathlon (1.9k Swim – 48k Bike – 10k Run).

A great opportunity to test the legs (and arms) in a race situation. The swim started off pretty bad, not only showing a lack of mileage in this year due to pool closure but also awful navigation and pacing skills on my behalf. Clearly this needs practice I haven’t had much this year. After a terrible swim, I had a fantastic bike section averaging 37.5km/h without feeling any major impact during the run. Despite stitches half way into the 10k, I was also happy to manage to run some 40min on the last leg of the race.

Overall I am super happy about toeing the start line again and heading home with a backpack of new learning points for future races and training. For a full recap of the day with remarkable performances of other athletes on the full and half distance, please check the race report by Bert Flier (in Dutch).

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