Amsterdam, Netherlands. On Sunday, after 4 months of learning how to swim, bike, and run continuously, it was finally time to hit the starting line. That I was nervous would be an understatement. Racing for me so far meant to put my spikes on, wait for the gun shot and get ready to race a few laps on a track or from A to B in the woods or on a street. This in itself is not easy to perfectionate, so imagine how I felt about doing three different disciplines with far less hours of training in the backpack. The nice part of this adventure was that I had (for once) no expectations to how this could go or what the result was supposed to be.

The swim was a lot of fun, not as scary as imagined and also from a time perspective a positive start to the race. I went absolutely above and beyond my capabilities on the bike, overpacing big time on the first lap and kept on going because I did not want to slow down (thanks, ego!). The result was that what was supposed to be my strong leg, was an absolute disaster. I can honestly say that running never hurt this bad as today. Despite several stops at the waterstations, I managed to close the gap to the leading lady in the race and came across the finish line as the first female of the day.

It was hard, it was fun and so rewarding to get many things right in my first race. There is so much to get better at and be smarter about! I cannot wait for the next one!

You can find the race results here.

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