Cascais, Portugal. Race day again! After my Olympic Distance race in Amsterdam, I headed to Cascais, Portugal for my first half distance race. After some vacation and traveling through Southern Portugal, I was excited to hit the starting line.

The swim took place in a bay in front of the Cascais sea walk in the rising morning sun – it was stunning! After a hectic swim, I got out of the water in 32 min which was way below the 35min time I had secretly hoped for. Onto the bike and along the beautiful coastlines, I saved some energy for the climbs in the second half of the race. Climbing up went incredibly well and I got excited passing many of the ‘machines’ that had passed me earlier on the flat boulevard. Transitioning into the run, I felt fantastic, the first 10km felt like a jog until I hit a wall at 13km. Dehydration and the heat added to a tough last 30min, but I was hanging onto it knowing that I must have been somewhere close to a podium spot in my age group.

What seemed to be completely out of reach before the race, became reality on the last kilometers of the run: I managed to get third and collected a Qualifier Coin at the evening’s ceremony! Starting my triathlon journey in 2019 without any expectations, turns out I will keep going in next year prepping the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Taupo, New Zealand. Ready for more! 🙂

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