Ouderkerk, Netherlands. If you had ask me earlier this summer, I was pretty sure that I would have bet money against that I will still be doing an official race in 2020. Never say never, last weekend it happened! Just like in my very first triathlon (and I can’t believe this is only number three on the list), I started at the Olympic Distance race in Ouderkerk.

The conditions were very much different than in 2019 though. Instead of a warm summer day, it was a windy, rainy and cold October day. Also, instead of racing against your opponents directly, there were several different start series across two days to make the event Covid-proof.

I hade a relatively strong swim clocking just above 24min on the 1500m on a 3 lap swim course. The swim included a bit of a fistfight in the first lap and two half-way water exits with a few steps on the beach, so I considered myself pretty happy with the time. The bike section went okay, though I am not too comfortable racing on a course with a lot of turns when it’s raining – caution over speed was the motto of the day. A solid below 39min 10k run in the end helped me to secure the win in my series with 2:07:33 which is a 12minute improvement on last year’s race. Though the two races were completely different and hard to compare, given the circumstances of today’s race, I am very happy with the steps I made in a year time.

Taking into account all series taking places during the weekend, my time was sufficient to place 2nd in the women’s ranking overall and 1st in my age group. What a great feeling to complete a race in a year I wasn’t sure if I would race at all! 🙂

Race results Tri Ouderkerk

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